Warranties and returns

Warranties and returns

The company can return and exchange goods of proper quality in accordance with the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”. According to Article 9 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, cosmetic containers cannot be returned.

Returns and exchanges of goods of proper quality are possible within 14 days after receipt of the goods by the buyer.

Conditions for returning goods of improper quality:

  • If the Client discovers that the goods received are of improper quality, the Client can contact the manager at the contact phone number indicated on the website and individually resolve the issue of replacement or return using the transport services of Nova Poshta or Delivery;

  • If defects in the product are detected and cannot be corrected, the Clien may request a replacement of the product or a refund. Information about the receipt of goods of improper quality must be completed within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the Client by telephone call, or in the Viber messenger at phone number +380675444454, by sending a photo or video of the defects.

Returns are made at the expense of the recipient. Carrying out a return under the terms of operation of the transport company Nova Poshta or Deliveri.

Refunds are made by agreement between the Client and the Seller:

  • by transferring amount to a bank card or to the bank account from which payment was made after receiving and checking the shipment within 3 banking days from the date of receipt of the returned goods.

The buyer sent the information to the manager within 2 business days from receiving the order. If information is received later, the company will not refund such claims.

Defective, broken goods. The buyer needs to take a photo of the visible defect/broken and send the photo in any possible way (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, email). It is also necessary to indicate the exact quantity of defects and the characteristics of the color of the item. After this, the company’s management evaluates the significance of the defect and makes a decision on compensation for the defect: partial, 100% or refusal.

Re-sorting, shortage. The buyer must inform the manager about the re-sorting or shortage: indicate the exact quantity and color characteristics of the product that did not arrive, or indicate information about the product that arrived, but was not specified in the order. After this, the manager finds out the reason why the error was made and gives a conclusion on this error. 

Errors can be of 3 types: Manager fault, Warehouse fault, Buyer fault.

  • Warehouse's fault.
    To confirm re-sorting on the part of the warehouse, warehouse employees need to take an inventory of this product (this takes 1-2 business days) and refute or confirm the error. If the inventory shows that there is no re-sorting, then no refund is provided. If the warehouse confirms the re-sort, the buyer receives the goods within 2 business days, and the company pays for the delivery.

  • Manager's fault.
    In the event of a manager’s mistake, the buyer receives items that are re-sorted within 2 business days, and the company takes on the delivery charges.

  • Buyer's fault.
    The buyer may make a mistake in the order when he dictates it or places it in other ways: online store, messenger, mail, etc. The company does not refund goods if such an error was made. For our part, we are willing to accommodate our customers and are ready to return and replace the product, but the buyer bears the cost of delivery.

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